Worthington Hills, Ohio Iron and Manganese Removal

AdEdge Water Technologies was contacted by Aqua Ohio to design, manufacture, and start up an iron and manganese removal system for the Worthington Hills community in Ohio. Worthington Hills had an iron concentration that fluctuated between 1.8 mg/L and 2.0 mg/L and a manganese concentration of 0.30 mg/L, well above the EPA secondary MCLs of 0.3 mg/L Fe and 0.05 mg/L Mn.

The AdEdge treatment system consisted of an oxidation/filtration system using the AdEdge AD26 manganese dioxide media. The system was rated for a maximum capacity of 625 gallons per minute. Prior to the treatment system, the raw water is injected with sodium hypochlorite for optimal removal of the iron and manganese. Backwashing of the treatment vessels occurs approximately every two to three days depending on the incoming levels of iron and manganese and gallons processed.

The treatment system was installed and began operation in August 2013. Since the treatment system began operation, iron and manganese levels have lowered from 1.8 mg/L and 0.30 mg/L to below the EPA MCLs of 0.3 mg/L Fe and 0.05 mg/L Mn.

Fast Facts

Client: Worthington Hills, OH
Date: August 2013
Contaminant: Fe/Mn
Flow Rate: 625 GPM