AdEdge provides treatment systems for uranium removal using AD92, an ion exchange media that is ideal for use in potable water as well as non-potable and environmental remediation applications. The high-efficiency AD92 can selectively remove the negatively charged uranium anion (most often in the form of uranyl carbonate) to below the existing EPA MCL of 30 ug/L.

The AdEdge AD92 systems can deliver the needed performance in two ways:

  • Via regeneration type systems, which use the media to remove the uranium with periodic regeneration using NaCl brine.
  • As a throw away discardable media, which can be disposed of when spent. This option maximizes the very high capacity of the AD92. Where on-site regeneration is not available, this disposal option is the preferred option. Disposal options will vary based on federal, state, and local regulations.
The Benefits of AdEdge AD92 Media

  • High Operating Capacity – The high regeneration efficiency of AdEdge AD92 IX equates to higher throughputs per pound of regenerate chemical
  • Complies with FDA regulations for potable water applications
  • Conforms to paragraph 21 CFR173.25 of the Food Additives Regulations of the FDA
  • Available as NSF/ANSI-61 Certified
  • WQA Gold Seal Certified
  • Superior Physical Stability – 93% plus sphericity combined with high crush strengths and uniform particle size provide greater resistance to bead breakage. This results in longer resin life and lower pressure drop
  • Organic fouling resistance – Type Two exchange functionality provides a dramatic increase in resistance to organic fouling compared to other types of strongly anion exchangers


Radium is found naturally in uranium ores. It is an alkaline earth metal that decomposes in water and it is a million times more radioactive than the same mass of uranium. Radium is a carcinogenic radiological hazard that emits alpha, beta, and gamma rays.

The USEPA sets the standard for combined radium at 5 pCi/L.

AdEdge offers a line of packaged, pre-engineered APU systems using ion exchange or oxidation filtration media for the removal of radium from water.

AdEdge AD88 systems are used to remove radium from water. The systems are available in a variety of flow rates and configurations to meet needs from 10 GPM to over 12 MGD for all water system applications.

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