City of Green, Kansas Nitrate Reduction

In September 2012, AdEdge Water Technologies, LLC participated and was awarded a Contract managed by BG Consultants for the equipment pre-selection of a nitrate removal treatment system for the City of Green, Kansas. The scope of the contract included the design, manufacture, and startup of the treatment system. The City of Green is a small community of approximately 125 residents located in northeast Kansas. Water testing revealed a sustained nitrate level of 12 mg/L as N. The United States EPA has set the maximum contaminant level at 10 mg/L NO3-N in drinking water. The town receives water from four wells which alternate in operation. The AdEdge treatment system was designed to treat 40 gallons per minute and to remove up to a maximum of 25 mg/L of NO3-N (as required by the Contract). The treatment system was packaged in a compact, skid-mounted unit, model APUIX-NO3-2472CO-3-290, utilizing three vessels arranged in parallel, each loaded with AdEdge ADIX-NO3 nitrate-selective anion exchange resin. Two of the vessels are always maintained in service, while the third vessel is offline in regeneration or in standby. The resin is supplied in the chloride form as moist, tough, uniform spherical beads and is NSF 61 certified. AdEdge Treatment System Features

    • Continuous on-line nitrate measurement on blended effluent.
    • Modulating valve on bypass line provides a consistent blended effluent nitrate concentration not exceeding 7 mg/L as N, helping to extend regeneration frequency and improving efficiency.
    • The ADIX-NO3 resin is regenerated with a brine solution; the waste water is taken to sanitary sewer.
    • System control provided by PLC and HMI operator interface screen. PLC provides control of well pumps, chlorine dosing pumps, bypass valve, and automatic regeneration operations.
    • Remote monitoring including access to HMI screens, alarm notification via email and SMS.
    • Differential pressure monitoring, local pressure gauges, flow sensors, and a central hydraulic panel.

The system was started up in June 2014. The treatment system has consistently removed nitrate levels below the treatment goal of 10 mg/L as N since it began operation.

Fast Facts

Client: City of Green, KS Date: December 2011 Contaminant: Arsenic Flow Rate: 450 gpm